How Customized Promotional Products Benefit Your Car Dealership

car-mirror-787228-mCreate a memorable visit for each customer on your car lot with promotional products that include details that include the company name, brand colors and contact information. From informative decals to functional items for the office, every customized accent reminds the customer that you are there to meet their car shopping needs.

Deck your dealership with attention-grabbing items, such as balloons, custom signs and window decals. Colorful advertisements draw traffic from nearby roads or plant the idea of a new vehicle in the minds of drivers. Select customizable products to create a look that is cohesive rather than jarring — strive for an eye-catching design that is neither pushy nor tacky.

Keep a similar theme throughout your dealership by selecting accents and functional pieces with matching colors. Choose from professional items, such as key hook boards for organized access to vehicles and checkered flags to draw browsers to winning deals. Bright tags for mirrors and numerous banner options let you get the word out about special events or deals.

Don’t forget to add informative details beneath banners and balloons. Record envelopes help employees keep track of the fine print for every vehicle on the lot, and buyers guide forms make it easy to highlight important data for browsing customers.

Go big or get detailed with customized promotional products for your dealership. Numerous product and color options let you design a look that suits your brand and target audience. Change out promotional decor for big events to draw more attention, and add a few special touches like vehicle-specific recommendations and window stickers.

Using Flex Tubing

C-Flex-braidedspoolFlex tubing is something you don’t normally spend a lot of time thinking about until you need it for something, and then it’s of utmost importance to have just the right specifications for your particular need. While general PVC pipe works great for many applications, flex tubing is critical for use in many more, as it can be positioned in practically any formation or shape and even wrapped around obstacles along its path.  Flex tubing comes in a wide range of  circumferences and densities, so you want to make sure you select the appropriate size, measuring both the inside diameter and the outside diameter to get the correct fit.

Flex tubing can be used for a myriad of purposes.  While most flex tubing sold is purchased to replace older tubing that was perhaps made of inferior materials that have worn or been cut or broken, Flex tubing provides a great many possibilities for the engineer and inventor.  It is most commonly used to channel gases, semi-liquids and liquids from one destination to another, either to add to or vacuum out.  It can be used to divert liquids or air or other small objects away from a source.  And unlike PVC pipe, it is very easy to cut.

It is important, when buying flex tubing either for replacement parts or for a new application that you get the right tubing, with appropriate specifications.  Not all flex tubing is qualified to be used for food.  You will need to look for the food grade tubing.

And not all liquids, semi-liquids and gases are capable of being transported or channelled with flex tubing.  Check to see what substances work against the flex tubing material in a corrosive manner before using the flex tubing for your specific application.


The Reasoning Behind a Good Safety Program

Multi 7More than eight out of ten workers, which parlays into a whopping 85 percent of workers, rate workplace safety first in importance among labor standards they were asked to rate by a study from the National Opinion Research Center. Workplace safety emerged first, ahead of family and maternity leave, minimum wage, paid sick days, overtime pay, and the right to join a union.

Whether you find this statistic alarming or not, it shows how critical it is to employees that they feel safe. Not only because they are protected, but also because productivity increases when workers are happy and healthy. Certain laws provide mandates for protection of employees and require training of every associated worker. It is the absolute duty of every employer to ensure that the workplace and environment be free of hazards for every single employee and visitor to the site. They should set up training programs that successfully create a thorough awareness of company procedures, policies and practices.

On-the-job accidents can occur, resulting in injury or worse, a fatality. The prevention of such accidents requires the effort of every employee in an organization. Existing risks in the workplace can include anything from dangers resulting from human errors to malfunctions of machinery. This is why it’s imperative that there must be a combination of safety protocols, safety training and adherence to prevent as many injuries as possible from occurring.

There needs to be a detailed documentation system included in a company’s safety procedures, in addition to employee training. Safety equipment, inspections, injury documentation and injury reporting are all elements of a good safety program. There must be accurate records kept and make reports to appropriate agencies, including OSHA, in order to also protect the employer from certain legalities. Worker’s compensation claims go down when the workplace is made safer, resulting in less money paid out by employers.

Why Signage is Important to Marketing Small Businesses

1089869_54286982While building trust with your customers and clients and delivering exceptional service are the most important things on which to focus in your small business, building an image that people recognize ranks high as well. For a simple and effective way to reinforce and market your brand, try installing attractive and professional signage in your business.

If you run a small retail business, there are very few ways for you to compete with the prices that big box retailers offer. Instead of trying to undercut the competition, your best bet is to offer better customer service in a more specialized fashion. By placing good-looking, customized signage in your retail outlet, you give your customers personalization that they do not get from the big box stores.

The best way to make an impression on your customers is to install attractive glass signage that displays your company’s logo, slogan and mission statement. These glass signs can be installed suspended on your ceiling or mounted on your wall. Keep customers informed by using LED signage in your business, which lets you change advertising messages to fit your current sales and promotions.

If you run a small, professional business, such as a marketing agency, doctors office or law firm, having glass signage in your office displays a certain gravitas and commitment to your industry. Place a large glass sign in your reception area, on your office doors for clients to see and even on your desk by using a specialized desktop standoff.

To keep your signage looking as pristine as possible, make sure your staff knows how to properly clean and dust it. Also, safely and securely install your glass signage so it always looks as good as possible. Purchase functional, yet fashionable aluminum standoffs that keep your signage exactly where you want customers and clients to see it.

Using Seasonal Promotional Products at Your Car Dealership

thumbnail (41)One of the biggest mistakes car dealers make is using the same promotional products for months or years. When you use the same signs, balloons and banners day after day, your potential customers stop noticing the materials. Reap the maximum benefit from your advertising dollars by varying your promotional materials seasonally.

By matching your promotional materials to the season, you create a bond with your customers. When customers drive by your lot, you want them to feel as though your company is successful, fun and in touch with the world. Capitalize on this by using seasonal promotional products that emphasize one of your customers’ favorite aspects of the coming season. For example, in the summer, use yellow, red and orange balloons as well as beach-themed promotions to help sell a few more convertibles. While you must be sensitive to all cultures near your dealership, use red and green decorations to help capture clients feeling the holiday spirit. The mild and pleasant weather of spring provides the perfect time to decorate the dealership in bright green and yellow balloons and have outdoor promotions, such as a complimentary barbecue. A number of possible color combinations and themes work to energize your customer base during the fall. Thanksgiving themes are often successful as are those related to football. Consider using the colors of a local high school football team to demonstrate your community involvement.

Too many car dealerships neglect to change their promotional signs frequently enough. By changing your promotional materials with each season, you see an increase in your customer traffic very quickly. Additionally, while it is a good idea to add a new type of promotional product each year, you can save and reuse some of the old materials for the future. For example, if you like the banner you used this summer, you can reuse it the next year as long as you opt for different balloons and streamers to give your store a fresh look.

Wristbands: Vital Tools for Resorts and Hotels

thumbnail (36)A valuable but sometimes overlooked resource for hotel and resort owners is the wristband. These convenient wearable items give you many interesting options for increasing your sales and boosting customer satisfaction.

Highlights of high quality wristbands:

·         Premium quality

·         Durable, water resistant material

·         Comfortable and lightweight design

·         Highly resistant to counterfeiting

·         You can customize them

·         Non-transferable

·         Pricing is very competitive

You can offer new, more streamlined services by simply adding some of these fun, wearable items to your marketing strategy. Here are some ways that you can use wristbands in your hotel or resort:

Make them scannable: Your guests can leave their credit cards safely in their rooms and use their convenient scannable wristband to order drinks at your hotel bar, order room service, use transportation services that you offer, and much more. Your guests will appreciate how easy it is to use your system, and they will be more likely to spend money at your establishment. Just add a barcode that links to their account, and you can simply add the charges to their bill.

Data Collecting: If your guests are buying items and services via their scannable wristbands, why not gather some valuable marketing information at the same time? Track your guests’ movements and shopping habits and see how you can improve your marketing strategies.

Day Passes: If you have areas in your resort that require a day pass, the easiest way to keep track of your guests is to give out color coded wristbands. Whoever has a wristband in the correct color can access that area or service- it’s as simple as that.

Age Identification: Quickly identify who can legally have alcohol by giving wristbands to guests who are of legal drinking age. This is particularly handy at the pool- no one wants to carry ID with them while swimming, so having an easy way to order poolside drinks makes things easier for your guests and helps your staff be more efficient.

Advertising: Take the opportunity to promote your newest attraction or service by printing it onto wristbands that will be given out to your guests.

Collectibles: Customized wristbands make a fun memento for guests of all ages! Give them to your guests as they arrive, in a package deal, or as they leave as a “thank you” gift.

Prize codes: Put prize codes inside the wristbands to reward guests for leaving reviews, or have a prize drawing to build customer loyalty.

Collectibles: Offer your guests a customized wristband as a memento of their stay. Many guests collect these items, and they are very popular with children and teens.

You can find a vast selection of high quality wristbands at You can choose from pre-made styles, or customize them with your own text and/or logo.

Building a Fleet: GPS and Radios

tn_xpr6500Do you recall the scene in “Castaway” when Tom Hanks’ character is providing the object lesson to Russian Fed Ex employees, that every moment counts? Federal Express and its offspring have forever altered the landscape of business; they changed customer expectations so much that even the most venerable delivery institutions (U.S.P.S., anyone?) are now required to provide real-time tracking data on shipments.

How is a small business fleet to compete? The solution is much easier and less expensive than you may think. Rather than provide unlimited data cell phone plans, which cannot be well-regulated by you as the owner, and at best provide spotty coverage at exorbitant costs, take a step back from the norm, look at the big picture, and know that the game-changer for your small fleet is two way radio and GPS.

“Two way radio? What is this, 1980?” you may be thinking, but rest assured two way is not what it used to be. Did you know that you can now purchase digital two way systems, complete with data and voice encryption? No standard cell phone package can provide you with that level of security. Proprietary and confidential information discussion need never be a problem again! These new digital two way packages also have electronic serial number tags built in so you can track your hardware from anywhere to anywhere.

What about location and directional software? A fleet is only as good as its ability to deliver and that means reliable GPS. Rather than allow SIRI to glitch mid-run, or your cell provider to send the dreaded “GPS signal lost” message, purchase individual GPS devices for each vehicle. This will also cut down on theft and loss. An employee can lose or forget their cell phone, which can be a calamity in a host of ways, but he’s not going to forget where he left the dash-installed GPS system!

Most of the new GPS systems cost less than you might guess, and when paired with a digital two way network are definitely the most cost-effective way to compete and even beat the big boys.

Streamline Restaurant Operations Using a Point of Sale System

thumbnail (15)A Point of Sale (POS) system can work in many types of business including a restaurant. A POS system replaces the traditional cash registers and adds a few more innovations that can help streamline restaurant operations. With a smart POS system in place, you don’t just automate the processing of orders and payments but this can also help you track sales over time, generate sales reports and food inventory and even track expenses along the way. the POS for restaurants can come with a number of features but there are some POS features that are considered must-haves in today’s highly competitive restaurant business.

Order entry- This is basic feature that should be included in the POS for restaurants. The orders can be taken using a kiosk station or using a handheld device, and the information should be efficiently encoded into the system to start the process.

Kitchen printing capability- Once a customer has already indicated his choice from the menu, then the selection should be printed out or shown in the kitchen. The printed order will guide the kitchen staff when preparing the orders and properly time the release of each item when necessary. An advanced POS system will instantly update the inventory once the order has been completed.

Reservations and seating management-This feature is recommended for restaurants or bars that accept reservations. The POS will record the request, manage the queue and ensure that seating is maximized.

Recipe costing- This feature is recommended if you want to track profitability for each dish in real time.  This POS feature will check a recipe based on costs and potential profits and see if the ingredients are still available in the inventory.

Tip tracker and time clock- Aside from sales, it is also advisable to track the tips. With this feature, you can comply with IRS regulations and it’s easier to come up with tips reports when necessary. Also, a good POS for restaurants will help track the hours worked by employees.

These are some of the top and basic features that should form part of your POS system for restaurant. There are other add-ons available, and the choice should depend on the nature and size of your restaurant business.

Kraft Corrugated Garment Mailers

285_xl_thumbnailSending clothing in the mail is one of the most nerve racking things you can do because there is so much that could go wrong, and if it does, then the clothing being sent can be damaged. One of the major contributing factors in the damage or destruction of these articles is the packaging in which it is shipped. Numerous suppliers claim that their boxes are the best or simply sell boxes made for a generic item to be placed inside. The trick with ensuring that your clothing arrives safely is to make sure that the packaging it is placed in is snug enough to stop the clothing from bouncing around and is strong enough to survive the journey.

We here at e-Supply Store have a box for just such an occasion! Our kraft corrugated garment mailers are built to take on the abuse that is the delivery process. Most standard cardboard boxes do have reinforcement between the inner and outer layers of paper, but it’s those exact layers that can fail in the mail. Either by being pierced or bent easily due to the rough and tumble nature that is the mail truck. These cheaply made boxes will not get your items through the gauntlet of conveyor belts and safely through the harshest of processing centers and still retain their shape. One of the main reasons for this is due to the fact that the boxes are made from a single piece of cardboard. The lack of tape and sharp corners gives the garment mailers the strength it needs to do the job you need it to do.

The best part about the kraft corrugated garment mailer is that it’s reusable; meaning you can store any unneeded clothing or materials inside of it’s strong structure!

Two Way Business: Radios Finalizing the Digital Leap

tk-480-481k4Knowing that anyone from cyber-criminals to the N.S.A. may be listening in or caching data at any time makes digital voice and data encryption more crucial than ever. Time and again cell phone providers have failed to meet heightened security needs of business, and their licensing squabbles and tower failures lead to gaps in coverage that no business, large or small, can afford. It seems the time of the digital two way radio has come.

Checking out the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) website, a small business owner could be led to believe that the dropped calls, coverage gaps, data delays, and cost of cell phone use might be preferable to the maze of licensing and frequency requirements for radio service. The FCC is behind, and digital two way radio is on the rise! Self-contained carriers are providing fully digital two way service, including data, and two way radio is a viable, and even preferable, choice for business communications.

Why? Two words—digital encryption.
Many small business owners haven’t even considered two way, and that is a shame. From hotels to hospitals, to construction, and security, they offer not only an alternative to cell phones, but a consistent, cost-effective, cost-controllable communication tool. One of the greatest features of this emerging business technology is the ability to encrypt communications via digital radio. If your business requires discussing proprietary, confidential, or other sensitive information, you now have the ability to encrypt your calls and keep them away from prying ears!
It is, of course, easier to encrypt calls within a single area network, but many of the new digital devices offer an e-serial number encoded into the hardware which can track each device and tailor the encryption for outside network use as well. A discussion with your digital two way provider will allow you to choose the best hardware and software package to track and encrypt your communications network.